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how to memorize quran fast Empty how to memorize quran fast

Thu Mar 04, 2021 12:38 pm
Whether in memorizing the Qur’an or doing anything for Allah, a most important obligation is to purify the intention and correct the goal. Thus, one’s concern to memorize Qur’an and preserve it must be secured for Allah, the Sublime and Exalted, for gaining His Paradise and attaining His Pleasure, and for acquiring the great rewards that are reserved for those who recite the Qur’an and memorize it. Therefore, there is no reward for one who recites the Qur’an or memorizes it for people’s sake: to show off and to be heard of.

how to memorize quran fast

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Thu Sep 23, 2021 4:39 pm
I allmänhet, om det finns misstankar om problem med erektion, kommer att hjälpa dig vid rätt tidpunkt. Jag tror att människor som du kommer att ha en snabb effekt efter den första ansökan. Du kan köpa den i onlineapotek, vi träffades också i vanliga
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