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gps tracking Empty gps tracking

Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:53 pm
Hi, if you're looking for a nice piece of GPS tracking software for your vehicles/assets, I'd like to recommend a company called GPSWOX. I've been using their platform for quite some time to track my business's fleet vehicles and love it. They have a very good white label program for gps tracking software as well, and also a gps server for easy use. If you need something like this you can try it for free here!
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Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:40 pm
My personal view is that there should be NO automatic data bursts for GPS tracking. I really don't see what constantly transmitting your location would be useful for. I would think that if you do want your GPS location to be transmitted, it could be sent like an ID burst upon pressing the PTT. I believe that by doing this it would not only keep the air clear from constant data chunks being sent, but also extend battery life as the radio wont be auto transmitting for two and a half minutes or receiving & decoding two and a half minutes per radio in use every hour. This allows users to update their location either through check-in or through general conversation and could even be used on a repeater as it only sends the data burst when the user is talking. Speaking of the Garmin Rino, enough people are willing to shell out $650 for an FRS radio that it's still in production a decade later, and with ever more smartphone-like hardware. Hams use APRS, which has grown from a simple "amateur position reporting system" into a full-fledged tactical network (their words, not mine) which allow passing of email, instant message, position and status information…
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