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Treatment and Prevention of STIs Empty Treatment and Prevention of STIs

Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:38 pm
Varieties of lesions normally occur in vulva while other cases involve skin membranes. When such happened, clinicians or medical practitioner should maintain it through historical and physical examination. It is a commonly known fact that unprotected sex (not mentioning blood transfusion) may cause even painful ulcerated lesions on inner labia (Gupta & Kumar, 2012). Learning about the same is of great help to both youths and elderly people since the spread of condition is similar, irrespective of age. By looking at the case study, this paper thus seeks to come up with the care plans that can assist those who have sexually transmitted infections (STIs) together with those who are vulnerable to the condition.
There is a need for treatment ways in the care plan so that this 50-year-old lady, who already has STI, gets helped together with the purported husband. Within the plan, there should be medical and health counseling, as well as lessons on various sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, HIV/AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, Chlamydia, genital herpes, etc. The plan would include safe ways of practicing sex with the two patients so that they can undergo a complete management of the condition (Beigi, 2012). It would be so to eliminate any other related complications.
Moreover, just as a general care for any disease, advice should be given to provide complete treatment for proper functionality of drugs. It would be so even if the symptoms recede so that any potential threats may be eliminated. At the same time, it is important to give the partner all the necessary treatment to completely remove the disease from the couple (Beigi, 2012).
By the fact that the treatment option depends on causative factors, in many cases, antibiotics need to be administered, and this should happen after performing tests. Blood samples or materials from lesions are to be taken to ease diagnosis process and receive high-quality results (Waugh, 2011). Infectious agents may be organisms found around the genital skin. It happens in either male or female, and the transmission can occur through semen, saliva, blood during intercourse, as well as vaginal secretion. Moreover, some of STIs may be transmitted through skin contact. Therefore, the old lady must also know that protected sex can eliminate these infections (Gupta & Kumar, 2012).
The old woman, who wants to return to dating, should be aware that she is also vulnerable to issues of STIs. In fact, this lady should learn more about such infections into details. Some of the facts relate to symptoms, treatment, and management of the situation that may occur during sex (Beigi, 2012). Concentration should be on the preventive measures, and this might be comprehensive. Finally, she should be encouraged to communicate honestly with potential partners.
Another advice that should be given to the woman is the need to always practice safe sex, and it should include either male or female condoms or even both (Waugh, 2011). These are ways to reduce cases of such STIs but not ways to eliminate them as condoms only cover private parts. In the case of suspicion of symptoms and causative effects, frequent screening should be done to remove any possibility of the same happening in the periods for which the lady might be dating.
In conclusion, the majority of genital infections spread faster in young adults, especially girls. Therefore, it could be the reason why the lady had noticed the symptoms while the boy had not. At the same time, the susceptibility to these diseases happens in the same way, irrespective of age. Moreover, both old and youth are affected in the same way.
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