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How do professional ballerinas cross train?



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How do professional ballerinas cross train?

Post by helen01 on Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:19 pm

i'm 21, i still have another year of academic college to finish before i go audition anywhere or even think about being a professional... i am however trying to maintain my shape and strength by taking ballet classes 5-6 days a week.
but it's only one class a day, and it's only 90 minutes long.
it's nowhere near the same as the 6-7 hours a day that professionals do.

i did try cross training at a gym, but my trainer was just this young body builder guy that didn't know much about ballet, so i think he really did more harm than good.

Gelsey Kirkland saw something in me that she like because i was accepted to her pre-professional summer intensive- however, i'd like to surprise her by losing some weight (mainly in my thighs) and improving my technique and strength because i personally feel that i was horribly out of shape (and jiggly! ugh) when i auditioned.

so i'm 5'8" and about 127 pounds right now.
i think ideally they'd like me to lose another ten pounds.
(for you people thinking that's unrealistic and unhealthy- this is the ballet world- ideal body types are distorted, and i'm completely accustomed to it, so it's not weird to me)

so if you could please give me some pointers. what can i do in the gym that will work WITH ballet training and not against it?
is the treadmill safe? i try to avoid that cuz i don't want to "shorten" my muscles.
what kind of stretches should i be doing?
how do i get the extra chub off my legs?

any information would be greatly greatly appreciated.
thanks Smile

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