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Should I invest in commercial real estate or residential?

on Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:32 am
My initial investment in real estate was residential. There are more individuals looking for residential property as oppose to commercial property.

In investing in residential real estate you have those that would want to purchase or rent residential property.

A commercial property could sit for awhile without a tenant or even someone interested in the commercial building no matter what city you reside.

Once you have established a track record or cash flow it might be you would want to extend into commercial real estate investment.

First of all you will have to educate yourself in the business you would want to be successful in. Therefore you would need to go to your favorite book store and buy as many books about investing in real estate as you can.
#1. Books

A. Buy and read as many books as you are able in order to learn the various investment vehicles and techniques used to obtain these investment vehicles.

B. The books will give you ways of raising money for real estate investments, as well as an idea as to which investment you would like to pursue.

C. The books would inform you of means of finding and methods of obtaining these properties.

D. Buying and rehab of distressed property

E. Being a landlord

F. Short sale and foreclosures

These books will give you a working knowledge of real estate investing. You might find them at your local books store or on Amazon. There are many other books that you would need to purchase as your business grow.

#2 Local Real Estate Investment Group

Join a local real estate investment groups. Google real estate investment group followed by the city and state in which you reside.

Being a part of the local real estate investment group would give you first hand knowledge of individuals that have purchased real estate investment properties. You could possibly find a mentor that would assist you in the buying of properties. The real estate investment group members would validate the information you would read in your books.

This group would also be instrumental in informing you of alternative means of obtaining investment funds.
This group would also validate the information you would read in you books.

Normally you would be able to attend a few meetings before joining. You might be required to pay for a meal as the regular scheduled meetings are normally held at a restaurant.

Real estate investors very seldom would apply for and get a loan through a mortgage lender, to purchase an investment property. After about 4 mortgage loans, most mortgage lenders would not allow or approve you to borrow any money to purchase any property.
In most cases after you have 2-3 loans or even one mortgage loan, your debt ratio would be too high for you to obtain a loan.
Most real estate investors would find other methods to purchase properties and not be bothered with mortgage lenders.
Even if you were to apply and be approved for a mortgage loan, the procedure is too long. Most of the time deal might no longer be on the table for sale.
In most cases the investment property you would want to purchase as an investment property would not qualify for a mortgage loan as it would need extensive rehab. Even a little rehab funds would not be available through you getting a mortgage loan.
You need to learn the necessary procedures in obtaining funds to pay for and rehab the investment properties you might find.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you,good luck.

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