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eid mehndi designs



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eid mehndi designs

Post by Joseph08 on Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:38 pm

All those parts of yourself that you can reach but are usually covered by clothes are prime henna practice real estate. My calves and thighs are usually covered in test designs that no one sees. Any person foolish enough to sit still in my house while I have henna out will get a design, so sneak up on family members and henna their feet or backs. Your upper arms, belly, and chest are possibilities too. If you don't want to stain yourself or family but don't want to practice on paper, try animal hides, wood, silk, or other organics that henna will actually stain. So you get practice, and you've made a piece of permanent henna art. Practice with cake icing if you don't want to waste your henna.
eid mehndi designs

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