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What is an experienced prenatal massage therapists?

on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:29 pm
I am 15 weeks pregnant and having back pain. I have been reading and asked my doctor about massages while I'm pregnant. My doctor says I should wait till my 2nd trimester due to the fact that it can cause miscarriage. I even found that information on some massage therapy sites. They all say you need to have a massage therapist that is specially trained in prenatal massages. I know my friend will tell me he is qualified but, he only worked as a therapist for about 2 years and has been unemployed for the past year. He keeps telling me he will give me a massage when I get to my second trimester but, i don't risk someone who isn't qualified to do that. I mean this is my baby and there is risks i don't want to take. So anyone who has had a prenatal massage or is a experienced massage therapist that could help me understand what exactly I should be looking for in a prenatal massage I would greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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Re: What is an experienced prenatal massage therapists?

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:45 pm
I am 15 weeks pregnant and having back torment. I have been perusing and got some information about back rubs while I'm pregnant. My specialist says I should hold up till my second trimester because of the way that it can cause unsuccessful labor. I even found that data on some back rub treatment locales.

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