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Are e-cigarettes without nicotine safe?



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Are e-cigarettes without nicotine safe?

Post by eagletech on Fri May 20, 2016 9:13 pm

My brother is only 15 years old and I have caught him smoking an e-cigarette, also called hooka pens. He said that they are safe to smoke and are nothing like smoking cigarettes. I am very cautious toward his safety and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too bad for him. My brother told me you can get different levels of nicotine in them and he said he has one without nicotine. Is this even true? I'm new on this whole concept and I thought that all e-cigarettes had nicotine. Anyways I was just wondering if there are any side affects to smoking these things. He also offered to me to try it. He said that it has good flavors. It this true? It it really OK for someone to smoke these on a regular basis?

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Re: Are e-cigarettes without nicotine safe?

Post by Odette on Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:19 am

Yeah, he is saying right you could have hookah pens without nicotine. My grandfather used that and then i came to know that.

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